Breakfast For 2 - A Pajama Party For Lucca Bleu

When you have four daughters, it’s quite the challenge to continue to think up new ways to celebrate them on their birthdays. With our final child, baby Lucca Bleu, about to turn two, I wanted to celebrate her life with something special. I didn’t love all the usual themes, and took time to think about what makes Lucca happy, what piques her interest, and what would make her smile and feel loved. Really, that’s what anyone wants on their birthday, right?

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We decided to host at our private residence and began working on production weeks in advance: custom cutouts, caricature masterpieces of Lucca, fun breakfast food pool floats, and so much more! The morning of the special day, guests dressed in their favorite pair of pajamas began to trickle in at 10AM. A beignet truck was parked out front, and offered fresh beignets and coffee or tea. Our celebrity friend Christina Milian who owns The Beignet Truck even made an appearance and helped me a bit that morning, which was a treat in itself!


An art-inspired T-shirt station situated on the grass out front provided little ones a fun way to express themselves: they had to select four of their favorite colors and have them spun with the paint choices to create a one-of-a-kind design. Inside our home, there were more ways for children to have some creative fun. One of my favorites were the custom pancakes. Literally, these pancake artist/chefs could create the face of anyone the child requested! There were superheroes, princesses, even one of Jennifer Lopez! This station was really a hit with everyone.


Gorgeous charcuterie and cheese boards were set up, as well as donuts, bagels, and fresh fruit. Beautiful, cheery arrangements of florals were seen throughout the living room and kitchen spaces and spilled out onto the patio area. I think this area may be my favorite – it was so colorful and happy! More punchy florals, sunshine motifs with rays made of pampas grass, oversized metallic balloons overhead, even cubbies filled with plush puppy dogs for kids to keep as a gift – for those “ruff” nights. Another playful element were the pairs of twins greeting guests because everything comes in two at Breakfast for 2!


Attendees also enjoyed all the goodness happening in the backyard of our home. For a quick-but-yummy bite to eat was a cereal bar filled to the brims with classic morning-time favorites. The signage read: “Be A Fruit Loop In A World of Oatmeal.” Short yellow picnic tables were arranged for children alongside adult seating at sleek serpentine tables surrounded by ghost chairs. Sheer blush draping surrounded the alfresco space, whilst hand-sprayed florals were suspended overhead – of course in the same delightful color scheme. Grownups were also able to enjoy decadent breakfast cocktails and mocktails from the full bar settled into a corner of the yard.


A corn hole game – created with Lucca’s caricature – was placed on the lawn, as well as fabricated playground slides that landed in an all-white ball pit. The backdrop for the slides was a towering vintage rainbow with “Lucca” arranged across it. The pit was multi-functional because it allowed for a safe space for the tinier ones to play, plus the ginormous bubbles from the bubble station landed in that direction making for gleeful laughter as toddlers reached to touch the floating “clouds.”  


Airy shimmering pink cotton candy was handspun on the spot, in addition to personalized handprint art where kids dipped their hands in paint and an artist painted live, making the handprint into a cute rendition of a superhero or zoo animal. This is a great keepsake idea for children’s events! Friends have shared they framed the pieces following the party. A face painter was also available; he wasn’t limited to a typical book of designs, but allowed for boys and girls to completely make up what they wanted, which was a nice touch.


Over 200 loves ones joined around Lucca to sing her “Happy Birthday.” The birthday cake was made to replicate a stack of pancakes complete with melting “butter” and a caricature cookie of the birthday girl herself. The kids were in awe!


As the day went on, loved ones relished in more food, including pizza and 100 choices of ice cream as the ice cream truck rolled up. Lucca chose a vanilla cone with colorful sprinkles before noticing she had been gifted a new bike. The joy! She took a spin and played with friends the rest of the afternoon. I could feel her happiness from the moment she woke up in anticipation, to seeing friends and family arriving, and watching everyone take part in her birthday celebration.


Take a look through the photo gallery – hopefully you can gain inspiration for your own birthday celebration!

Watch the video with us, here!

A very very special thank you to everyone that helped me execute a dreamy party for baby Bleu:

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