Nikita Dragun's Festive Fantasy Birthday

Nikita Dragun, AKA the Queen of Draguns, definitely lives up to the grandiose requests of royalty. For her birthday party – hosted by popular cosmetic subscription brand Ipsy – Nikita wanted the ambience to feel fun, flirty, and sexy. It’s such a delight when clients allow me to have freedom in creating their events, so I arranged for some whimsical elements blended into the nighttime festivities as a surprise for the birthday girl.



The “Thotland” theme included an all-white four-poster bed bedecked with pillows showcasing hand-drawn caricatures of Nikita. A huge stuffed teddy bear also sat atop the bed and quickly became a focal point for both playful and racy photos of Nikita and friends. Just behind this space, was a neon-lit “jail” for crimes like “Pussy Stunting” and other naughty violations. First guests could sit with the caricature artist for a “mug shot” then move on over behind the prison bars. I was thrilled the set came out so well because we had a very short time to build it, paint it, et cetera. We added some props for photo ops: handcuffs, chains, a toilet, and a prison jumpsuit.


Guests got comfortable and milled about the space, enjoying tasty bites from a paleta bar sprinkled with shimmering glitter and strawberry gummy bears or the freshly spun cotton candy station drizzled with several different flavors, including tangy Tajín. As the night progressed and the venue became more crowded, a team of strippers hit the dance floor, spinning around poles, contorting their bodies, and holding themselves up in ways that had us all in awe. They were truly talented!


About midnight, the Kiss Boys came out to perform with a perfectly choreographed number just for Nikita. The birthday girl joined them and everyone began dancing along. Once the performance came to an end, members from Kiss Boys brought out the multi-tiered cake complete with sparkling candles to sing “Happy Birthday.” Neon rings, glow sticks, raspberry-colored party hats, and cupcakes topped off with Nikita’s gorgeous face were tray passed. The crowd loved it, and the energy was palpable. As partygoers sang “Happy Birthday” confetti canons shot out glimmering fuchsia decorations to keep the merriment alive!

For our personal gift to Nikita, Luv In Flying Colors crafted this colorful recap that you don’t want to miss:

Thank you to everyone that assisted on this!


Paleta Bar

DJ Lezlee

EDLT Photo

Toon Upz


3D Sounds