A Celebrated Colorful Sunday Fun Day

Dear friends, family, clients and community:

Thank you. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Because of your love, support and encouragement we have grown our business into Wife Of The Party, Happen and The Happen Booth. Because of your business, referrals and celebrations you have enabled us to grow a team. A hardworking, skilled, dedicated team that loves to celebrate you as much as I do, personally. A team that cares about the details, the wow factor, the sentiment and the sincerity. 

I am grateful to our daughters - Jez, Natalia and Francesca. You have always managed to work with us. You know - the parents that aren't around on the weekends and dash in and out of cheer competitions but still manage to always be right on time. You let us be the parents that are creative, outlandish, over the top and at times slightly insane. You allow us to celebrate our own personal victories as a family on the off days, and let us sleep in after 14 hour events. You high five us, help us and cheer for us. Who knew Mondays and Tuesdays could be so much fun? Thank you.

And finally, thank you to our vendors. I can't believe how many of you we have grown with! Idea by idea, step by step, wedding by wedding. A special thanks to all of you who helped us this day as we opened our sweet little doors to everyone that wanted to see what we've been up to. Thank you:

  • Circa Rentals
  • Merengue Bakery
  • Luv In Flying Colors
  • EDLT Photo
  • Maskipops by Adri
  • Rosebud Chocolates
  • Micho & Mary
  • White Sakuras
  • Duck Loves Char
  • The Happen Booth 
  • Diego and Let's Dance
  • DJ's Alejandro, Herick and Oliver Twist
  • Heidi D Cosmetics
  • Toon Upz
  • RR Events

I can't wait for what comes next with each and every one of you - thank you all for choosing to #partywithus.


Loriann and The Wife Of The Party girls

Renovations are finally complete!

Diego and DJ's Alejandro, Herick and Oliver rocked the house inside...

A preview of our back patio space thanks to Circa Rentals:

An Old Soul came to visit!

Click the right arrow above for more! How adorable are these #WOTPKIDS


The Happen Booth: