An organic Easter DIY

Easter is here. And with Easter is a celebration of faith, fertility, springtime and sunshine and all the beautiful things that accompany that. With that also comes the excitement of toddler eyes when they learn about egg hunts and chocolate bunnies. And with the sensory overload those toddler eyes show those toddler hands how to get into EVERYTHING. So, why not give them everything to get into? Today I spent a day in with the little and we had an organic egg dipping day. It's pretty basic, the photos tell the story and it was so fun to do. First off, I prepped a frittata for tomorrow and used all the egg shells as mini vessels for florals for nana. What a resourceful and pretty way to gift some delicate little flowers:

Florals compliments of White Sakuras after today's bridal meeting:

The perfect way to transport them is the way they came from the farm, in their own carton:

Next up? We grabbed the blueberries out of the freezer and placed one cup into one cup of water and let that sit for 30 minutes. We strained the berries, added a teaspoon of vinegar and had the perfect mixture. 

Then, we peeled the red and brown onion and boiled each in separate pots with a tablespoon of vinegar. We boiled it and let it sit until the color looked nice and rich. She loved popping in the hard boiled eggs:

We left the eggs to soak about two hours, while we did other things around the house and then napped. We woke up to make some chicks for her chicks thanks to Cost Plus and so far these were her favorite (she's a picky eater so the excitement turned into reality when she ATE them):

And finally, the finished product just in time for tomorrow's eggciting activities. They are gorgeous, organic and so resourceful!

Happy Easter from my family to yours!