GOT ENGAGED At Noor - Meet The Planners

Wedding venues. They're much harder to find than people think. We'd like it to be as easy as:

  • proposal
  • venue selection
  • wedding 

It really isn't. There are so many things to consider. Guest count, parking, ease of access, style, budget, food, restrictions, it close to church? Is there a temple nearby? Can you have your ceremony and reception onsite? Do you need a planner? Is the food good? Oh, and availability. The date. Forgot about that part, huh? Well, this is where The Planners Agency comes in. And for those of you who may just be reading my blog, I'm Lori. I'm the Pasadena/West LA/San Gabriel Valley girl (get it, valley girl) of the team. Currently we cover you from Palm Springs to Beverly Hills and out to the South Bay. But! We don't stop there. We travel. We travel internationally. We do what it takes to pair you with the perfect planner, wherever it is. In everything we do, however, we work together. It's still kind of a new concept - this I know. But so far so good with me, Melissa and Stephanie. And maybe you - we're hiring. Sooo, back to why I brought it up. NOOR! 

Noor is a turnkey venue located in the heart of Old Town Pasadena, central to the 210, 134, 2, 10 and 710 freeways. It's the perfect destination for an onsite ceremony in the Terrace, a reception only space (or both) in the Sofia or an intimate wedding in the Ella. We recently teamed up with Robert and Bridget Ann to assist in their tastings and day of coordination and in showcasing the space to all the newly engaged couples for their 2016/2017 planning. To be clear, it's a great space for any other occasion but for today - WEDDINGS! What better way to showcase all three spaces than with vendors we call friendors that we know and love? Well that is exactly what we did. You can read all about it in Pasadena Now's feature here

We broke the space up and assigned one of our planners to each space and within that space we showcased all the elements: design, lighting, music, talent, food, cocktails, desserts and brides. This included photography and videography and of course, Edward from EDLT Photo was eagerly on hand to not only shoot the event for me but to participate as a photography vendor. Choosing your photographer on the big day is an entirely different subject because it's a big one. In between greeting couples and discussing his packages and service offerings he was able to highlight the beauty of Noor and what they can offer you combined with the talents of everyone involved. 

I'd like to extend a special thanks to Chanda at Paper Crew for her graphic design for the overall look and feel of the event, and the fabulous passports the guests redeemed in exchange for raffle tickets.


Back to speaking of beauty, special thanks to April Love Pro Makeup Academy (April, Jennifer, Donna and Sue) for all the bridal hair and makeup for our three brides (Alyssa, Olivia and Natasha) and prettying up our faces, too. For more on them visit

Cake, cake, cake: Merengue Bakery

Boutique vintage rentals, Etablir:

Bridal bouquets: Flower Me Wild LA

Live music: The Replicas with lighting by Happen and hookah from So Cal Hookahs

There was SO much more! Including: raffles + a dance off with a bouquet toss! Want to see? Well, here you go...(images courtesy of EDLT Photo)

Did you take photos in The Happen Booth? Find yours below:

Thank you to all participating vendors:

  • EDLT Photo
  • Erin J Saldana
  • Richard Briseno Photography
  • The Happen Booth
  • Luv In Flying Colors
  • Sugar Spin
  • Merengue Bakery
  • The French Confection Company
  • Fantasy Frostings
  • Love Anne Joy
  • Karen's Garden
  • Flower Me Wild LA
  • Happen
  • The Replicas
  • Etablir Shop
  • Stephanie's Linens
  • So Cal Hookahs
  • April Love Pro Makeup Academy
  • The Planners Agency
  • Paper Crew
  • Noor 
  • Luxe Linen
  • Rmine