An Enchanting 1st with Snow White

Dearest Jade,

I have known your mama since WAY back. We met online when MySpace was cool and continued our friendship into the Facebook days and now we share every living, breathing moment with one another on Snapchat and Instagram. It goes beyond a virtual friendship. We have a sisterhood.

Your mommy loves you so much and has trusted me to celebrate the best days of her life because the big days to you are the biggest days to us. From the moment she shared her pregnancy news to the day we celebrated your pending arrival in my home, we dreamt about you and just how perfect you'd be. And you are. Perfect little girls like you deserve perfect little celebrations like your enchanting Snow White themed luncheon.

I am your tia, auntie, tita and family. I love you and will continue to celebrate you every chance I get. 

Happy Birthday, Snow White! #onceuponourjade 


[vimeo 153714412 w=1280 h=720]

How we did it:

Music/Props: DJ Herick

Photobooth: The Happen Booth

Photography: EDLT Photo

Design/Planning: Wife Of The Party

Graphic Design/Menus: Paper Crew

Cake Topper: Auntie Apple

Venue: Ixtapa