Row With Beau - THE VIDEO

I understand that to many people having a videographer is a luxury and doesn't make the same list as the venue, the dress and the photographer. I was never big on it, and didn't really have anyone I worked with close enough that I was willing to suggest to my clients and friends. To me it's a very personal choice, just as photography is, and you only get one opportunity to capture the events of the day that you don't get a "do-over" on. In the last year I have had the opportunity to work with Mario from Luv In Flying Colors on many occasions from weddings to charity and most recently, my daughter's third birthday. 

When I look back at my actual VHS tape of my wedding videography I wish I could say it brought me to tears. But it didn't - it was 12 minutes of a whole lot of nothing. But yesterday upon receiving that much anticipated text with THE LINK I cried. And cried again. And have cried every time since (I think I've watched it 25 times) and that reassured me that when I tell my clients that the emotion recaptured is achievable, it really is each and every time. Thank you, Mario. Thank you friends. Thank you family. Thank you vendors.