Row With Beau - My Baby's 3rd

Dear Frankie,

Tonight is your last night as a twonager. There isn't really a way for me to describe how much love you have in your heart so I talk about you daily, sharing and posting all the amazing things you do so people can see for themselves. You make me laugh. You make our family laugh. Today, you made your dance teacher laugh. You rub my head when we go to sleep and you tell me you love me every hour, all day long. You use good manners. You are love.

It took years for you to choose me and make me your mommy. I never understood why it took so long and cried many nights for many years wanting you. And then you came, and you were perfect. And a month early. You made me renew and keep my faith. I realized then you took so long because God just needed to work on the timing a little more so that it was just as it was, when all the things in my life were in the best place, making your grand entrance into my arms on December 1. You are a little sister, a niece, a daughter, a granddaughter, a great-granddaughter, a friend, and the smallest member of our Happen team. You make me so proud with your manners, your thoughtfulness, your concern and your nightly prayers as you pray for anyone and everyone you come in contact with. You pray for those that are sick. You pray for people with no home. You remember people. You share. What amazes me most is how much you CARE in your young years. You are love. Happy almost birthday, my sweet baby girl. Thank you Tiffany Kyees for capturing her another year, just as she is. My smiley, happy girl. 

Image: Tiffany Kyees



How we did it:

Floral and production: Shawna Yamamoto

Signage/Invitations/Place cards/Paper: Paper Crew

LInens: Luxe Linen

Food: Sunset Sushi Party

Cake: Merengue Bakery

Cookies: Auntie Apple

Cake/Lounge/Sweetheart/Food Tables: Circa Rentals

Photography: Tiffany Kyees/EDLT Photo 

Photobooth: The Happen Booth

Music/Props: Happen 

Face Painting: Fancy Schmancy