I'm thankful for YOU. And you, and you.

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I am thankful today for the opportunity to virtually share in your celebrations on social media. I am thankful for watching your traditions, learning your recipes and smiling over your families gathered at the table (or the bar, or in the kitchen, or as you serve those less fortunate out on the streets). I am thankful for my husband that encourages my creative habits, strengthens me when I’m tired and watches our children when we have unruly schedules. I am thankful that he supports me in my efforts to give until we have no more to give and shows our children humility, patience and gratitude while doing so.


Jez, Natalia and Francesca I am thankful for you. You already know that. I tell you every minute of every day. I sing it to you, text it to you, post about you and shout it to you. I smother you with kisses and you let me do it. I am thankful to have you one more day today, at home, with us. Big sisters are special. You make Frankie better. She fills this home with never ending laughter.


I am thankful for my mommy. Man oh man am I thankful for her. There’s no way we could possibly have this dream job of ours without her will to help, her love and support and her guidance. She is the reason I’m in this industry. Teaching me when I was so little the importance of etiquette, handwritten letters, gifting, hard work and that it wasn’t her job to put Guess jeans on my butt. It was her job to put pants on my butt. If I wanted that designer pair I needed to earn it and I did just that at age 15, riding the bus to my first job selling men’s shoes. I never stopped since. Thank you, mom.


I am thankful for our team. Our partners in all things party. Edward, Mario, Alejandro and Mikey. Jamie, Crystal, Melissa and Stephanie. Venues, directors, corporate friends. I am thankful for you. 


Yesterday in the mail I received a care package from students at Betty Plasencia school thanking us for speaking at their career day. As I read through each one with tears in my eyes, I felt more thankful than ever before.  I am thankful for every single person that believed in me. For those of you that let me style your parties when I didn’t have any clue what I was doing, you took a chance on me as I figured it out. And I made mistakes. Many of them. I probably hurt feelings. Lots of them. Never intentionally. From the tips of my toes to the top of my head I have given my all to each and every person we’ve ever celebrated. From the cakes, to the cupcakes, to your birthdays at our clubs. From your bridal showers to your baby showers, thank you. There is no way I’d have so much to be thankful for today if it wasn’t for all the believers. You are why we will continue to make it HAPPEN.

Happy Thanksgiving, from our family to yours.

Wife Of The Party