Preview - The 67th Emmys Governors Ball

I love behind-the-scenes. I love Los Angeles. I love that it's Emmys weekend and we were a couple of the lucky ones invited to preview the space this past Wednesday, compliments of Patina. Standing in a ballroom where 4,000 guests will dine this Sunday is pretty spectacular, especially when you're only surrounded by a handful of people. We walked the space as we sipped, tasted and enjoyed everything there was to see including more than 45,000 Swarovski crystals. Oh and you know, 4.4 million iridescent beads and 27 feet tall chandeliers. 

The Governors Ball floor features corner bars, beaded curtains, a winners circle and stylish lounges:

The three course meal and desserts are as beautiful as they are delicious: (Photo credit: Matt Sayles/Invision for the Television Academy)

And finally, in true behind the scenes style, the fun facts are definitely worth sharing:

And finally, a couple snapshots from WOTP:

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