National S'mores Day? Of course!

I am a little late in posting this icebox dessert recipe from National S'Mores Day mostly because the day I made it, we ate it...and washed it down with some red wine because they say it pairs perfectly, right? Well, "they" are right. It was delicious. It was easy. It was C-H-E-A-P and the presentation made me look like a professional marshmallow chef when the secret is just turning on the broiler. I hosted a very last minute dinner party and this went great with the crock pot ribs that I'd already started. It wasn't even intentional but I pretended like it was! First, here's what it looked like:

Now, here's what you need:

  • milk (regular always gives you extra creamy pudding but almond worked!)
  • instant chocolate pudding mix 
  • one ready-made instant graham cracker pie crust 
  • one bag of fresh jumbo marshmallows 

OPTIONAL ITEMS - Nutella, banana, chocolate chips, almonds...anything that you think goes great inside a puddin' pie.

Here's what you do:

Follow the directions on the pudding mix. What I liked about the Hershey's brand is it started to set immediately, reducing the amount of prep time. From start to finish (including chill time) my icebox pie was ready in about two hours.

Next, I loaded up a piping bag with some Nutella because I happened to have it. You can pack it into a ziplock baggie and snip the corner for the same effect. As soon as I was done it went right in the fridge. 

Next, I cut marshmallows in half and set them aside. Right at about two hours the pudding had a great, cold consistency so I packed on the marshmallows (starting from the outside) and turned the broiler on HIGH. 

Pop the pie in the oven and WATCH IT. It only took about one minute, maybe even less to perfectly roast my marshmallows. Once roasted I stuck it back in the fridge for safe keeping until dinner was over. Even though wine always makes us happy, this time I knew it was my twist on a nostalgic summer camp favorite. As you can see, it was as good as it was pretty. Go make it!

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