Party Crashing for #Evite2Billion

We love Evite. We knew Evite loved us back when they asked us to come on board to help crash a party up north in Morgan Hill, California for the hosts of the 2 billionth Evite party. Yes, you heard me. 2 BILLION Evites have been sent out all over the world, thanks to YOU. We eagerly packed up the Happen van and took a mini road trip a few hours north and had no idea what a wonderful surprise even we were in for. Us + Evite + Sprinkles Cupcakes + Birthday Express + The Little Gym = squeal! 

Below are some behind the scenes photos with Edward, Herick and myself as we assisted their well coordinated team headed up by Jessica Bailey. We can't tell you much more than that, you have to go see for yourself...

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NOW, about the all about it here and take a look at how much Evite celebrates with YOU!