Freakshakes for breakfast on National Junk Food Day

Dessert to me is beer or ice cream. At least one of them is appropriate for breakfast. Did any of you see this buzzing around your feed? Even for the not-so-sweet person, you can't help but to click in and read. I won't be in Australia anytime soon so the Los Angeles, at-home version is what's happening. I haven't been able to get it out of my head so I decided to pick up a few extra ingredients at Ralph's and make a breakfast blog post with an after dinner treat. For just a moment, stop caring about the calories and the sugar and the goodness. We don't do this often so we went big. You should, too. It's a salted banana-Nutella-peanut butter-chocolate pretzel shake.

The soft ingredients:

  • peanut butter
  • hazelnut spread/Nutella
  • vanilla ice cream
  • heavy whipping cream 
  • whipped cream
  • peanut butter

(more options: almond butter, jelly, almond milk, coconut milk, cookie butter)

The crunchy, salty, mmmm ingredients:

  • mixed nuts
  • pretzels
  • potato chips
  • bananas
  • chocolate chips (milk chocolate)

(more options: peanut butter chips, white chocolate chips, pretzel chips, coconut flakes, almonds)

I can't offer you measurements because as with most things I make, I don't measure too well. I used the large cup on my Nutri-Bullet and can tell you I used about 3 scoops of ice cream, two bananas, half of my hazelnut spread and heaping scoop of peanut butter. You can use the heavy whipping cream to add in to make it smoother or to make your own whipped cream. I used about a half cup in with the ice cream. I also tossed in about ten pretzels to blend in.

I crushed the potato chips first, then lined the outside rim of my large mason jar with a mixture of half peanut butter, half hazelnut spread. I then covered that in potato chips. Since I'm a baker, I had a piping bag and tip and it made it less messy and a little prettier. However, the beauty of these shakes is it CAN be messy and still look incredible. Didn't you see those pics way up there in the first link? Ay ay ay. So, use a butter knife and pile it on. Then, layer the bottom with a banana.

So the layering went like this:

  • bananas on bottom
  • layer of whipped cream
  • pour in the shake
  • layer of whipped cream
  • scoop two more scoops of ice cream on top
  • drizzle with hazelnut spread
  • top with nuts, lots of them
  • stick in some pretzels and potato chips
  • top with two straws (in this case, chocolate straws)

That's it. It took less than ten minutes to make, it was under $20 and serves about um, four. Oops! Shakes for breakfast it is, because Tuesday's a good day for a break in the routine. And we've the food groups in there, right?

For more on the original shakes, read here here and here! Thank you, Canberra. I almost forgot, here's my + Frankie pic because you really didn't think she wouldn't have her hands in THIS one, did you?