"The devil licked it" margarita cubes

I'm not a bartender but I'm still obsessed with easier, prettier ways to make things. Margaritas included. After my michelada post did so well I decided to try something else fun with some of the few favorites I work into my daily diet. Cucumbers and jalapeños are a staple around here. So, I tried picante pina-pepino ice cubes (hot pineapple cucumber, that is)

What you need:

-margarita mix (I bought an all-in-one for simplicity purposes and personally love Costco's brand but didn't have time to make it there so Jose Cuervo, it is. It was good!)

-pineapple (fresh or canned, these were 2 for $3)

-sea salt or rock salt




-an ice cube tray


-orange juice

-jalapenos (not pictured here)

Then, prep your mix for your ice cubes with one cup of orange juice, the juice of two limes, and as much Tajin and Tabasco as you prefer. I like mine tangy so I used quite a bit.

Slice the cucumber, pineapple and jalapeño small enough to fit into your ice cube tray. Stir the orange juice and lime concoction and pour it over:

A couple hours later...

Dip the rim of your glass into some lime juice + salt + Tajin and place a few ice cubes in. I used a stemless wine glass and three ice cubes which was just perfect. As they start to melt the flavor gradually combines and it was so refreshing and delicious.