DIY Banana Chocolate "Ice" Cream

So you know all those Facebook tutorials, videos and shorts about how-to this and do-it-yourself that? It looks effortless and inexpensive and even the person's hands are free of wrinkles and perfectly manicured? Gag me. Not so much at the perfect photos but at how easy many things look so simple but really aren't. I am the queen of getting myself head over heels into a project not always thinking it through and acting on a whim. So, I decided to try some of these out myself and share the results. First on my list was frozen banana ice cream because I had all the ingredients. 

First, the ingredients. Three ripe bananas fill one half of a pineapple shell. I threw in the shell because I used the pineapple for something entirely unrelated and thought it looked prettier. I used a handful of almonds and a tablespoon of Trader Joe's cocoa powder.

Next, I tossed it all in my Nutri Bullet and blended it. One thing I added a little of that I didn't take a photo of was heavy whipping cream to smoothen the texture. Milk would do the same. I used about 1/4 of a cup.


Freeze it. I froze mine overnight. Here's what it looked like when I took it out in a glass bowl:

Then, I couldn't find my ice cream scoop so I just used a spoon and topped it with more sliced almonds and it was so, so good. I love bananas and I'm glad I gave it a try - plus, it's a great alternative to all the sweet stuff for my Frankie. It was super easy, inexpensive and mostly it was just good. Try it!