Parties don't "half" to be on weekends!

We're halfway to her birthday! Why not celebrate a winter birthday during summer months? I know, I'm a little crazy because I had this idea long ago since we didn't host a party when she became a twonager. December is a tough month so I figured it out, switching up the seasons.

I immediately starting collecting baskets and limited my budget and shopping to keep it simple, fun and all about Francesca. Each family arrived to find their lunch complete with traditional treats and a little 1/2 incorporated here and there:

  • homemade half chocolate half peanut butter cookies
  • themed sugar cookies with "Happy 1/2 Birthday" piped in gold
  • half lemonade/half iced tea in individual sized plastic soda bottles
  • Uncrustable sandwiches
  • assorted fruits - organic bananas, strawberries, raspberries and green seedless grapes
  • granola bars
  • applesauce
  • chips, pretzels, and vegetable sticks in paper cones
  • water

Half way to the half day I sent out an Evite asking friends to save the date. It was an adorable picnic theme image from Little AVI:

Oh, did I mention the party started at HALF PAST NOON? We asked for this one to be BYOB, bring your own blanket. Kids played, ate and waited patiently for birthday cake. I tend to be a perfectionist and let that one go today, handing over the birthday candle so the half-birthday girl could place it wherever she liked before we sang loud and proud as I reveled in her happy face. The pictures speak for themselves this time, no story really needs to be told. Happy Half Birthday, Frankie Beau!


Linens/Napkins - American Home Design

Photos - EDLT Photo

Cake - The Wife Of The Party

Sugar Cookies - Auntie Apple

Picnic ware - Shop Sweet Lulu