Why + Frankie?

                                                                Meet our youngest staff member, Frankie Beau (photo: EDLT Photo)

Francesca Beau is our youngest of three girls and when she was born the fire in my heart for DIY and crafting was reignited for all things little. With our teenagers we shopped at Mervyn's because well, there was no shopping small and networking online twenty years ago. With Frankie, it was an entirely new world for me filled with baby moccasins, oversized handmade bows, ETSY and Instagram. And then my favorite thing for her, harem pants - thanks to Carly Megan. There was new terms like "matchy matchy", "twinning" and all the stores that made it possible. Matching mommy & me pajamas? And for daddy too? And it became so easy to find it all. ::insert #HASHTAG here!::

                                                                                 Frankie + Tawny Jordan for Sea Of Pearls LA 2015


As an infant she attended all walkthroughs, meet and greets with brides, production meetings and parties hosted in our home. I wore her through long photo shoots, castings and she even ended up in the arms of Helio Castroneves in the winner's circle at the Toyota Grand Prix of Long Beach. She's behind the scenes at fundraisers and she even appeared in the newspaper with the women in a guild I belong to. She's modeled for our clients and been a mascot for friends and family. Frankie gets around. Now, she talks and she will tell you about anything festive. She tries things on for size, tells me what's pretty and ooh's and aah's as I create memories for people. She tests the adjustments on The Happen Booth and does test shoots on set. We bake together, laugh together and celebrate our inner princess.

                                                               Dancing With The Stars' Helio Castroneves and Frankie (photo: EDLT Photo)

A local business, Dulcenea Shop in South Pasadena asked to feature Frankie for their Ladies Of Fashion project. This included a fabulous interview that I will leave you with below so that you know all the in's and out's of my partner in crime:

Ladies of Fashion Project

1. Who are you? Describe your personal style?
I'm a dainty little thing.

2a.What is your profession?

I am an all star twonager. I am a sister and a daughter. Hey, I'm a granddaughter! I go just about everywhere with my mommy and daddy including backstage at concerts, behind the DJ booth at the Toyota Grand Prix of Long Beach and we make sure to schedule my lunch breaks at Garfield Park. Sometimes I am lucky enough to do some modeling with my favorite brands, Dulcenea included!

2b.What are your hobbies, interest, and/or other profession?
I enjoy riding horsies at Griffith Park, watching my favorite shows like Doc McStuffins and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and reading books at bathtime.

3.Who's your all time favorite fashion designer and why?

I love the styles at Zara baby. They're my go to store for fashionable shoes and sweet outfits that are still age appropriate as mommy says. The other best designers are the small shops on Instagram and Etsy - it's the best way to get a one-of-a-kind handmade outfit made with love that encourages shopping small.

4. What is your greatest professional

My greatest professional achievement is shooting with model Tawny Jordan for Sea Of Pearls LA. It was one of the bigger shoots with the best stylists and they all danced with me.

5. Greatest personal achievement?

My greatest personal achievement has been learning my ABC's and ALMOST being potty trained. I want to be a big girl but sometimes there are exceptions.

6. What has been your biggest life challenge and how did you overcome it?

I haven't found any challenges I can remember to date but I will be back to interview with you next year and will have a list ready!

7. How are you giving back or contributing to society?

I give back to the community by helping my parents in their philanthropic efforts. My family is raising us to always get involved and do what we can. While I'm doing it I make people smile and am generous with hugs and kisses.

8. If you could give one beauty tip to our readers, what would it be?

Wear your sunscreen! Our skin is sensitive and it's the go-to product in my diaper bag. Oh, and wear good pajamas (BedHead are my favorite). A good night's rest and two afternoon naps make for happy girls.

9. What advice would you give other toddlers and mommies?

Well, I'd say to mommies that I encourage them to breastfeed. I just stopped nursing at two years old and it's given me a healthy little body and a really strong bond with my mama.

10. What's the one beauty product you can't live without?

Anything Mustela! My mom used it on my sister too and they have something for everything. Moisturizing, hair care, sunscreen, diaper ointment and no rinse body spray! I will add that my favorite accessory is anything handmade in my hair.

11. What's your favorite outfit?

I love harems with my jean jacket (especially by Carly Megan) and my Mini Melissa kitty shoes.

12. What does beautiful mean to a toddler?

It's my middle name, Beau!
Social media outlet: ‪#‎frankiebeau‬ is my hashtag on Instagram

                                                                                    The Wife Of The Party + Frankie, that's us!