"Step right up" was the first thing that came to mind when my client, Ida, said they wanted a carnival theme. Incorporating some original circus elements with carnival things to do made for a perfect one year old's party that was accommodating for guests young and old alike.

For this party I pulled select props that you've seen featured with Christina Aguilera, American Horror Story and in several movies and commercials. Guests were greeted by a mime, lion tamer and ballerina before they had an opportunity to gaze at the carousel horses adorning their tables.  What better way to capture carnival memories than with photobooth fun before having your face painted and enjoying all the delights of a classic funnel cake?

Think popcorn, clown noses and nostalgic Barnum's Animals animal crackers. Nutter Butter cookies and caramel candied apples. Chocolate mustaches and of course, BIRTHDAY CAKE (a stupendous one, at that!)


  • this party happened to fall on fight night so we transitioned the party into an outdoor viewing party by displaying a 10x14 screen to wow guests 
  • custom iced cookies in the letter C for Caleb, the birthday boy
  • guests enjoyed a taco bar with varieties of meat and vegetables, beans, rice and all the accompaniments - during fight night the host presented guests with a selection of pizza and nachos
  • children were shocked to be showered in confetti and bouncy balls along with their favorite candies from a number 1 shaped piñata 




Birthday cake - Merengue Bakery 

Music/AV/Screen rental - Happen 

Sugar cookies - Auntie Apple 

Photography - Tiffany Kyees 

Rentals - Arcadia Party Rentals 

Design - Little AVI/Gabriel Cabrera 

Photobooth - The Happen Booth 

Face painter - Felipa Del Real